Travel Advisories: Active Wildfires / COVID-19
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Plan Your Road Trip & Support Cascade Loop Communities

While folks love the Cascade Loop because of its wildly diverse natural beauty and recreation all along the byway, it's the people you meet and communities you explore that help shape and cement the memories you make and cherish for a lifetime. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 Cascade Loop communities have rallied to keep travelers and their local communities safe. In doing so, they've taken on insurmountable financial losses and many are struggling to stay afloat. 

Now is the perfect time to thank these folks by (1) NOT visiting until it is deemed safe to do so, (2) continuing to plan your trip for when it IS safe and (3) pay for that trip you'll have later in the season today by purchasing gift certificates and/or gift cards. You'll get that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel knowing an epic Cascade Loop adventure awaits you AND you're helping small, family-owned properties keep afloat so they can continue to serve you for years to come.

Looking to add additional stops to your upcoming Cascade Loop vacation? Think about checking out this really awesome new statewide resource,!

Here is to safely riding out this storm TOGETHER.

Where to Buy Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

While some businesses are able to sell gift certificates and cards online, others may need you to phone-in the request. Please explore each business's website to see the methods used by each. Happy planning!