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Adventures in the Air!

Love the wind in your hair, but mainly as you fall out of a perfectly good plane? Perhaps skydiving needs to be added to your Cascade Loop itinerary! Book a flight with Sky Dive Chelan!

Love to get as big of a view as humanly possible? Book a helicopter flight with Lake Chelan Helicopters and snag the most jaw-dropping views of the North Cascades and the Sawtooth Wilderness you'll find OR float into the sky a little more gently but with an equally awe-inspiring view with Morning Glory Balloon Tours.

Maybe you like the idea of skydiving, but not so much the jumping out of the plane part. Zip-lining is definitely for you then! Zipline with the folks at Leavenworth Zip Lines in Plain or take a ropes course with High Trek Adventures in Mukilteo.

And for those who love the idea of flight--the history, future and examination of aviation but without actually flying through the air, the Paine Field Aviation District has a LOT you're going to love!

Local Boy Makes National News: Miss Veedol 1931
On October 5th in 1931, Pangborn, an aerial acrobat and barnstormer along with his co-pilot, successfully completed the first non-stop flight eastbound across the Pacific Ocean in their red Bellanca J-300 Long Distance Special called the Miss Veedol. The term “successful” was up for debate, as their entire escapade was fraught with challenges they could not have imagined. Read More >>>>
Adventures in the Aviation District
Above me, the distinct sound of airplanes soaring through the air follows me from Mukilteo to Everett. Sometimes it’s a light hum, other times deeper roar. No matter which sound it is, my eyes are ever glancing upward hoping to catch a glimpse of those modern winged marvels. At times, it seems as if they are guiding me from one museum to the next as I explore the Paine Field Aviation District. Read More >>>>
The Cascade Loops Ultimate Aviation Experience
Location: Paine Field in Everett, WA Everett located just 30 miles north of downtown Seattle is the birthplace of the Boeing 747 and home to four world class aviation experiences. Over 135,000 visitors tour the Boeing Factory each year and those in the 'know' venture just across the airport to three other unique experiences. Begin day one with two of the four aviation attractions based at Paine Field, Everett: - Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour (the factory tour is 1.5 hours)             Inside the world largest building… Read More >>>>
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