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Juvenile Bald Eagle in the Methow Valley
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Pete Freund Photography

Blue Heron winter plumage

Celebrate Pacific Northwest wildlife and landscapes along with local expert. Visit a complete gallery of current work on his website, Facebook page or Instagram.

Address: Wenatchee, WA 98801
Website: https://www.petefreundnaturephotography....
North Cascades Smokejumper Base
Two air-horn blasts, loud enough to be heard in every corner of camp brings a scurry of activity at North Cascades Smokejumper Base. The men and women stationed here have… Read More >>>>
Wellington Train Disaster
March 1, 2020 marks the 110th Anniversary of the most deadly avalanche in US History. Late in February, two Great Northern trains bound for Seattle, the Spokane Local No. 25,… Read More >>>>
Local Boy Makes National News: Miss Veedol 1931
On October 5th in 1931, Pangborn, an aerial acrobat and barnstormer along with his co-pilot, successfully completed the first non-stop flight eastbound across the Pacific Ocean in their red Bellanca… Read More >>>>
Identifying Raptors on the Cascade Loop
It’s a bird .. it’s a plane … what exactly is that in the sky? As you travel around the Cascade Loop you will likely see a variety of wildlife, including… Read More >>>>
A Whale of a Tail
There are few animals in the wild as thrilling to see as a whale. Here in Washington state, we are fortunate enough to be on the migration route for several… Read More >>>>
Spring brings a bevy of babies to the Loop!
Spring brings a bevy of babies, and we can’t get enough of the avian species found here in every corner of the Cascade Loop. There are many lakes, rivers, creeks… Read More >>>>
First Time Snowshoer: Advice from a Couch Potato
At fifty-plus years of age, I had a chance to go snowshoeing for the first time this winter. My husband and I stayed at Sun Mountain Lodge in the beautiful… Read More >>>>
Eagles Preparing for Winter
Eagles can be found in every region of the Loop, and winter migration can bring hundreds of birds from Alaska to the local river valleys, like the Skagit, Methow, Wenatchee… Read More >>>>
Not All Hummingbirds Hum
One of the favorite birds to migrate to the state of Washington are hummingbirds. Three species can be found from early spring until late fall when they migrate back to… Read More >>>>
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