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It's peak summertime travel season on the Cascade Loop which can mean lots of heat, dry weather and unfortunately at times, wildfire. There are currently wildfires present on limited portions of the Loop. Be sure to check in to see where fires might be burning. Also, as air quality can be affected by active fires, we advise folks to check air quality here.

And, while we lovvvve the fact that our roads are in such great shape for road-tripping, we'd be lying if we didn't say it can be a royal pain to have the unexpected surprise of roadwork or closures that you didn't anticipate. So, to mitigate this necessary nuisance, please always check the WSDOT's Traffic Alerts page before you venture out. We can't avoid road repair work (and as a matter of fact, we are super grateful for it) but we can be prepared for it. Get a sense of what to expect and load up on podcasts, your favorite music, audiobooks--whatever your cup of tea--to help pass the little extra wait time you might incur.