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Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival - June 18 to June 29, 2024
Each summer the memorable Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival brings award-winning classical musicians to perform concerts for residents in the rural Methow Valley, and from surrounding areas of Washington and… Read More >>>>
A Weekend Getaway to Sun Mountain Lodge
Fall might just be the perfect time to visit the Methow Valley (pronounced met-how) in North Central Washington. Warm sunny days give way to cool crisp nights, where it is… Read More >>>>
Fall Elk Rut
The elk rut begins around the time of the autumnal equinox in mid-September, and lasts a month. During this time, male elk, called bulls, will challenge each other for the… Read More >>>>
Whale of a Tail
There are few animals in the wild as thrilling to see as a whale. Here in Washington state, we are fortunate enough to be on the migration route for several… Read More >>>>
Top 10 Things to Do in Bellingham
Wondering what to do in Bellingham? Come as you are but stay like we do when you hit our top 10 list for Bellingham fun. Sightsee, savor, unwind, and smile!… Read More >>>>
Achieve Your New Years Resolution Goals In Winthrop Washington
Here in Winthrop Washington we take outdoor recreation seriously – in a fun way. If you’re making a New Year’s Resolution, why not set a goal to complete a race… Read More >>>>
Photographers Paradise
The Cascade Loop Scenic Byway spans the east and west sides of Washington State's Cascade Mountain Range, and photo opportunities along the route are varied and spectacular, covering all interests… Read More >>>>
Geocache Your Way Around The Loop!
Geocaching is kinda like a family-friendly treasure hunt! There are a variety of types of Geocaches from large containers like ammo cans or plastic containers (snap-lock-type) to small magnets stuck… Read More >>>>
Salmon Viewing Locations on the Loop
Fall marks the season when Salmon can be seen in the waterways along the Cascade Loop. Check this list for some of our favorites! Read More >>>>
Ghost Towns and Haunted Places in the Washington Cascades
If you're looking for something a bit thrilling this fall as Halloween approaches, we're happy to introduce you to a few spooky places in the area. Washington is home to… Read More >>>>
Top 5 Places to Camp Along the Cascade Loop
Do you enjoy the great outdoors, sleeping under the stars, and huddling around a campfire at night with your loved ones while roasting marshmallows over a hot flame? If you said… Read More >>>>
Seattle Space Needle Celebrates 60!
These days you can’t think about the State of Washington without envisioning the iconic Space Needle towering over the Seattle skyline. It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair, for… Read More >>>>
Deer Sightings Along the Loop
The best times of year to spot deer is fall through spring, when they tend to forage in orchards and yards (they are fond of black sunflowers from bird feeders).… Read More >>>>
Celebrating Native American Heritage
Since time immemorial, Coast Salish and Columbia Plateau tribes and bands have lived throughout the regions that the Cascade Loop now connects. For thousands of years and up until a… Read More >>>>
Hard Ciders Pour From The Apple Capital of the World
Sometimes seen as country bumpkins next to Washington’s sophisticated wines, hard ciders are quietly making themselves at home in the heart of Washington State. Read More >>>>
Great Horned Owl
The most common owl found on the North American continent is the great horned owl -- and they are what most people imagine when they think of owls in storybooks.… Read More >>>>
Late Winter Trailer Camping
Being the first weekend in March in Wenatchee, it was chilly, but the birding was great! My husband loves to spend time by a campfire so we stocked up on… Read More >>>>
Explore Scenic Bellingham and Whatcom County Like a Local
Outdoor recreation is the number one reason that so many adventurous folks choose to live in Whatcom County. Situated between the Salish Sea and the North Cascades, Whatcom is a… Read More >>>>
Cascade Tunnel - Longest Railroad Tunnel in the US
It was in December of 1900 when the longest railroad tunnel in the US was opened for train travel over Steven’s Pass. Nine years later the tunnel was electrified! Read More >>>>
The Night The Mountain Fell
On December 14, 1872, at almost 10pm, folks across the region were awakened by a massive earthquake. Contemporary accounts describe the earth rolling from North to South, no jolting bumps,… Read More >>>>
Meet the Locals: Steven & Michelle (also their close friend, Wine)
We’ve known Michelle and Steven for a few years and know that one of the things that they really enjoy together, like many Cascade Loop travelers, is our state’s amazing… Read More >>>>
Meet the Locals: Jake and Family
With a scenic byway that’s as large in scale as the Cascade Loop, naturally the landscape, views and activities vary wildly from region to region. Each area delivers its own… Read More >>>>
Watchable Wildlife - Blue Heron
As you are driving along the waterways of the Cascade Loop, be on the lookout for the majestic Great Blue Heron. They are regularly spotted wading in shallow water, patiently… Read More >>>>
Top 10 Fall Color Corridors on the Cascade Loop
The thing that folks love most about the Cascade Loop is its diversity of views throughout the byway, and fall colors are no exception. The colors are wild and vibrant… Read More >>>>
North Cascades Smokejumper Base
Two air-horn blasts, loud enough to be heard in every corner of camp brings a scurry of activity at North Cascades Smokejumper Base. The men and women stationed here have… Read More >>>>
Birding - Bald Eagles
Symbolized as the National bird of the United States in 1782, Bald Eagles are unique to North America and they can be found in abundance in many areas of the… Read More >>>>
Wellington Train Disaster
March 1, 2020 marks the 110th Anniversary of the most deadly avalanche in US History. Late in February, two Great Northern trains bound for Seattle, the Spokane Local No. 25,… Read More >>>>
Watchable Wildlife - California Quail
One of the most prevalent birds to be found year round on the Cascade Loop are the California Quail. These birds are Identified by a topknot, a protruding group of… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Gray Partridge
The Gray Partridge (Perdix perdix) is also known as the Hungarian Partridge, or around these parts, especially for game bird hunters, simply "Huns." Like many of our other "game birds,"… Read More >>>>
Winthrop Wine Walk
If you're visiting Winthrop Washington, taking in the western boardwalks and relaxed atmosphere, you might as well stop to enjoy some local wine along the way. There are many great… Read More >>>>
Boat History on Lake Chelan
For over 100 years boats have been transporting goods and passengers to points along Lake Chelan where there are no roads. The original "Lady of the Lake" was built at… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Spotted Towhee
It's that time of year when we are starting to see fewer birds. The long-distance migratory birds like our warblers are long gone, and many species who just head a… Read More >>>>
Newly Opened Trail In Winthrop Washington - You will Want To See For Yourself
If you’re into mountain biking, we have some exciting news for you from Winthrop Washington! Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance | Methow Chapter has reaped the rewards of a ten-year permitting… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Varied Thrush
"The Varied Thrush is a gorgeous bird with a simple single note for a song. It is closely related to the American Robin and other thrushes who are considered amazing… Read More >>>>
Winthrop Ice Rink is open for winter!
There’s nothing quite like the feeling of gliding across glistening ice on a pair of skates. Add a stunning outdoor setting, complete with towering mountains and bald eagles soaring overhead,… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: White Headed Woodpecker
These woodpeckers are not especially abundant - in fact they are currently candidates for listing on the WA state endangered species list and they are a species-of-concern for Audubon Washington… Read More >>>>
Winthrop Washington Opens New Homestream Park
Right in the heart of the town of Winthrop, a piece of land has been donated and dedicated to locals and visitors alike. Homestream Park is beautiful park is full… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Sandhill Crane
Okanogan County is fortunate to be one of the few places in Washington where one can regularly see - and hear- Sandhill Cranes each spring and fall as they migrate.… Read More >>>>
Local Boy Makes National News: Miss Veedol 1931
On October 5th in 1931, Pangborn, an aerial acrobat and barnstormer along with his co-pilot, successfully completed the first non-stop flight eastbound across the Pacific Ocean in their red Bellanca… Read More >>>>
Elk Rut Season
The elk rut begins around the time of the autumnal equinox in mid-September, and lasts a month. During this time, male elk, called bulls, will challenge each other for the… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Dusky Grouse
"Grouse hunting season opened Sept 1 in Washington, and while I'm not a hunter I do think about Dusky Grouse a fair bit this time of year as the weather… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Osprey
"Osprey are some of the largest and most common birds of prey in our region. We see them regularly along all our big rivers and other large bodies of water,… Read More >>>>
Chelan County Fair-From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways
The 2019 theme of the Chelan County Fair is “From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways” and features some great new entertainment and vendors. The fair begins on Thursday, September 5th… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Evening Grosbeak
Many of us see these big, colorful, and raucous finches in winter at our seed feeders, but because the Methow and Okanogan valleys and the surrounding mountains have high elevation… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Spotted Sandpiper
Spotted Sandpipers are "shorebirds" that are common just about all over Washington. Here in Okanogan County, we see (and hear!) them along rivers and streams though they could also be… Read More >>>>
Three Delightful Wagons Straight Out of a Fairyland--Now on Whidbey Island!
A bit of European history has found its way onto Whidbey Island.  And, if the woman responsible for bringing them here has her way, you’ll soon be able to see… Read More >>>>
The Women behind the boom: How Wenatchee celebrates the Fourth
Written by Candice ReedAs multicolored peonies, chrysanthemums and willows bloom across the night sky this 4th of July, you might wonder what goes into a firework display from the unseen… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: The Ruddy Duck
With a cinnamon body and bright blue bill, the male Ruddy Duck is one of our most noticeable and memorable ducks. But look closer and longer and you'll notice that… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: House Wren
The House Wren, a common, native bird all over the United States, is a small bird with a big voice that readily inhabits natural tree cavities and anything it can… Read More >>>>
My 3 thrilling Days in Wenatchee
Check out this sample of how one traveler spent 3 days in Wenatchee-- complete with food and activity recommendations! Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Red Naped Sapsuckers
Sapsuckers are woodpeckers but instead of pecking into and excavating wood in search of insects, they drill small holes in trees in order to make the tree's sap run. Read More >>>>
Mexican Mole: A Rich and Regional Traditional Sauce
I wish I could remember the first time I had mole. Even though the specific moment doesn’t stand out, I do know that I never looked at Mexican food the… Read More >>>>
Raptors of the Samish Flats: The Photography of Mukul Soman
This article was written by local photographer Mukul Soman. Take a look at these amazing photographs and enjoy some tips from a pro! The Skagit Valley has been one of my… Read More >>>>
Gifts of Spring: Migrating Birds of the Upper Skagit
Spring is a time of great change in the Pacific Northwest. The warmer weather and abundant daylight signals species from insects to plants and animals to emerge from Winter dormancy… Read More >>>>
Gifts of Spring: Flowering Plants of the Skagit Valley
The Environmental Learning Center is coming alive with young leaves and new growth. Brightly colored flowers add vibrancy to the already spectacular landscape of snow capped mountains and turquoise Diablo… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Rufous Hummingbird
The Rufous Hummingbird is one of three hummingbirds that breed in Okanogan County. The other two are the Calliope and the Black-Chinned (occasional reports of Anna's come up but they… Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: Mt. Erie
Mt Erie is located in Anacortes. The summit rises more than 1,200 feet above the sea and is visible clear across the valley. Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography - Hike to Stehekin
The hike from the Skagit Valley up and over Cascade Pass and down along the river to the remote village of Stehekin, on the northern shore of Lake Chelan is… Read More >>>>
Spring brings a bevy of babies to the Loop!
Spring brings a bevy of babies, and we can’t get enough of the avian species found here in every corner of the Cascade Loop. There are many lakes, rivers, creeks… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Western Tanager
The Western Tanager is one of our most common forest birds in Eastern Washington, and with a yellow body and red head (on the male) you'd think they'd be easy… Read More >>>>
Cascade Loop Birding Trail
Did you know that the Cascade Loop is home to 225 of the 346 recorded bird species in our state? Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Tree Swallow
There are six swallow species in our area, and they are all incredible multi-tasking flyers who can communicate, catch insects and deftly swerve around each other all while flying. Read More >>>>
Featured Wildlife Area: Sinlahekin Wildlife Area
The Sinlahekin Wildlife Area is located within the Sinlahekin Valley. It offers a variety of fishing and recreational opportunities thanks to natural lakes, ponds, and man-made impoundments. Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Ring-Necked Duck
"While the Ring-Necked Duck can be found fairly easily year-round in Okanogan County, I love watching them in the spring when they begin to congregate in large groups and pair… Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: Washington Pass
Washington Pass is one of the most scenic spots along the entire Cascade Loop Scenic Highway. Washington Pass is the highest point along the North Cascades Highway, at an elevation… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Western Meadowlark
Western Meadowlarks are some of the first birds to come back to the Methow in early spring, and they aren't shy about announcing their arrival. Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: Skagit Valley Tulips
The start of spring in Skagit Valley heralds the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Broad swaths of brightly colored tulips spring up all over the flats.This is one stop along the Cascade Loop that you… Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: La Conner Daffodil Festival
The La Connner Daffodil Festival signals the start of spring in the Skagit Valley. As the dreary winter drags to a close the fields of the Skagit Flats slowly come… Read More >>>>
First Time Snowshoer: Advice from a Couch Potato
At fifty-plus years of age, I had a chance to go snowshoeing for the first time this winter. My husband and I stayed at Sun Mountain Lodge in the beautiful… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Say's Phoebe
The arrival of the Say's Phoebe is one of our first signs of spring here in Okanogan County, and they have been spotted daily for about a week now. Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Red Winged Blackbird
According to the Seattle Audubon Society, Red-winged Blackbirds are widespread and abundant breeders throughout Washington's lowlands. In winter they are often less widespread, but can be abundant along the Columbia… Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: Skagit Valley Sunrise
Photographing sunrise requires a bit of luck. You have to decide where to be for the sunrise, and so you go, in the dark, hoping for nice light...Once you're there… Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: Johnson/Debay Swan Reserve
Skagit Valley is the winter home for Trumpeter and Tundra Swans.  The Johnson'/Debay Swan Reserve, located along Francis Road in Clearlake, is a wonderful place to visit them.The Johnson/DeBay Swan Reserve (JDSR), near Mt. Vernon,… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Northern Flicker
Northern Flickers are large woodpeckers, mostly brown, with black-scalloped plumage and a flicker of crimson color on the top of their heads. According to the WDFW these woodpeckers were previously… Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography - Winter on the Cascade Loop
The severity of winter in Western Washington is all about elevation. The lowlands usually get very little snow, not counting this year of course! And the mountains get slammed. Several… Read More >>>>
Focused with Charley Voorhis: Learn to shoot a starburst
Join Charley Voorhis in the field as he shares photography and video tips that will help equip you for your next adventure. This round, learn to shoot that gorgeous starburst… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: American Goldfinch
These little finches are known as Willow Finches and are also the Washington State Bird. Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: Skagit Valley Snow Geese
Winter tends to be a bit wet and gray. But then the Snow Geese arrive! If you're out and about on the Cascade Loop in the winter months, be sure… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Dark-Eyed Junco
These little sparrows can be spotted fluttering around the forest floor in search of seeds. During the warmer season, juncos are commonly found in the western mountains and the tips… Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: Diablo Dam Tour
As you drive along the North Cascades Highway section of the Cascade Loop there plenty of wonderful vistas and things to see. There are three dams along the Skagit River,… Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: Baker River
The Baker River drains an area of 270 square miles in a complex of deep valleys partially inside North Cascades National Park. Access is year-round via the Baker Lake Road. Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Valley Quail
Both valley (California) quail and mountain quail are found in Washington. Valley quail are by far the more abundant of the two and are found in vast numbers on both… Read More >>>>
Welcome to the Flower Garden
The English Flower garden at Willowbrook Manor is a beautiful place to enjoy a quiet summer afternoon. When we purchased the property back in 1996 it was just a cow pasture.… Read More >>>>
Stories From Willowbrook Manor: The Legend of Chango
In a corner of the East Lawn at Willowbrook Manor is a large rock. It is the grave marker for the place I buried a most faithful dog and… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Rough Legged Hawk
Rough-legged Hawks are just 1 of 3 hawk species in the U.S. with feathers reaching all the way to their toes, an adaptation for life in cold climates.The Rough-legged hawk… Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: Capturing Images of the Milky Way
There is nothing more stunning than a clear image of the Milky Way Galaxy arcing overhead. The Majesty of the Galaxy is on display and you can feel yourself on… Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: North Cascades Highway
The North Cascades Highway (Highway 20) follows the Skagit River from the Puget Sound deep into the mountains, reaching its highest point at Washington Pass, 100 miles east of I-5,… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Western Bluebird
These blue feathered birdies have deep blue coloring on the top of their heads, wings, and tail with bold rufous coloring on their breast. Females have slightly less coloring than… Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: Introductions
Each week we will visit some place in the North Cascades. The best camp sites; day hikes and overnight trips; lookout towers, the best locations for sunrises, sunsets and night… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Trumpeter Swan
Over the years Trumpeter Swans have battled extinction due to hunters and feather collectors decimating the population. In the early 20th century swan feathers were often converted into writing quills,… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Chukar Partridge
The chukar is slightly larger than a valley quail and a little smaller than a ruffed grouse. Also known as red-legged partridge and rock partridge. Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Bohemian Wax Wing
These full-bellied birdies feature a thick neck and a bushy crest atop their heads. Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Gray Partridge
Introduced to North America in the late-nineteenth century, these European imports were first released in Washington and California but are now found in about a dozen Western and Midwestern states… Read More >>>>
North America's Largest Ski Area is Officially Open for the Season!
Methow Trails is officially open for skiing, fat biking, and snowshoeing! Currently about 50% of the trails are groomed and open, primarily in the Sun Mountain, Rendezvous, and Mazama areas.… Read More >>>>
Bird of the Week: Wild Turkeys Everywhere!
Merriam turkeys are native to the coniferous mountains and canyons of Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. They live in the canyons and forests of northeast and central Washington. These turkeys… Read More >>>>
Bird of The Week: The Northern Pygmy Owl
The Northern Pygmy-owl (Glaucidium gnoma) is our smallest owl, at 7 inches tall, including its long tail. Because of its size, long tail, proportionally small head, and daytime hunting behavior,… Read More >>>>
Local Color on The Loop Issue 6: Erika Halm
As the new Outreach and Access Manager of Methow Trails, Erika Kercher Halm is tasked with spreading the word about North America’s largest cross country ski network connecting over 120… Read More >>>>
Eagles Preparing for Winter
Eagles can be found in every region of the Loop, and winter migration can bring hundreds of birds from Alaska to the local river valleys, like the Skagit, Methow, Wenatchee… Read More >>>>
Local Color on The Loop Issue 5: Leaf Seaburg
Being in touch with nature comes easily for Leaf Little Fox Seaburg, owner and guide of Methow Fishing Adventures in Twisp, WA. Born and raised in the Methow Valley,… Read More >>>>
Local Color on The Loop Issue 4: Petra Kellie
Petra Kellie has always loved the valley. After working 4 years in various managerial positions at the Freestone Inn, Kellie is now its new general manager. While growing… Read More >>>>
Local Color on the Loop, Issue 3-Dan and Meg Donohue
Maybe it’s the aromatic whiff of rich, roasted coffee that envelops you as soon as you walk in the coffee bar; maybe it’s the playful baristas who love to photobomb… Read More >>>>
Local Color on The Loop, Issue 2-Red
Nicknamed for her auburn hair and a penchant to blush, Debbie “Red” Schrock expertly navigates the frosted terrain on the horseback trails at Sun Mountain Lodge. Read More >>>>
Local Color on The Loop, Issue 1-Chef Tyler Krost
Local Color on The Loop is an ongoing, multi-issue installment featuring the colorful personalities one might just encounter while traveling the Cascade Loop. This installment features the talents of the… Read More >>>>
Adventures in the Aviation District
Above me, the distinct sound of airplanes soaring through the air follows me from Mukilteo to Everett. Sometimes it’s a light hum, other times deeper roar. No matter which sound… Read More >>>>
The History of Bigfoot (and How to Find Them)
“Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepare yourself for your encounter . You must learn to listen to the heartbeat of the true land that is distant and removed from the sense-… Read More >>>>
Northwest Ferry Adventure Guide
New York City has the subway, London has the double-decker bus, and Seattle NorthCountry has the ferry. For over 65 years, ferries have been used to shuttle people from the… Read More >>>>
Land of Loops: Skykomish River Valley
The Skykomish River Valley in Seattle NorthCountry is full of the verdant natural beauty that can only be experienced in this corner of the country. The river valley’s route and… Read More >>>>
Glamping at 1700 ft. in the Air
Imagine sipping your morning coffee in the stillness of the forest, kicking back in a cabin above the trees. The morning sun paints the snow-blanketed peaks all around you and… Read More >>>>
Methow Trails - Largest Cross-Country Trail System in North America!
A little known fact is that the Methow Trails system is indeed THE largest cross-country trail system in North America! While another U.S. trail system boasts their 140 km of… Read More >>>>
Did you know Ohme Gardens is 89 years old - Oh MY indeed!
Each year, my eight-year-old son and I make a "bucket list" of things we want to do over the summer and visiting Ohme Gardens is always on it. My son… Read More >>>>
Camping With Kids Along The Cascade Loop
If you live near the state of Washington and you are interested in taking your first road trip, then few routes can beat the Cascade Loop: a scenic tour that… Read More >>>>
There is something to be said about trekking high into the mountains to take in the sub-alpine country. It may be the heather flowers, the huckleberries, or the pine and… Read More >>>>
Spider Meadows had been on my bucket list for too many years. Finally a date opened to tick it off and I texted my friend, Mandy, who agreed to join… Read More >>>>
Make Memories While Vacationing In The Cascade Loop
A popular travel quote reads: “Take vacations. Go as many places as you can. You can always make money. You can’t always make memories.” Every year millions of visitors flock… Read More >>>>
Things To Do With The Kids In Lake Chelan
Spending time outdoors with your children is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon them. The Cascade Loop affords families with ample opportunity to explore the picturesque natural… Read More >>>>
Not All Hummingbirds Hum
One of the favorite birds to migrate to the state of Washington are hummingbirds. Three species can be found from early spring until late fall when they migrate back to… Read More >>>>
Kickin' It on Kiket Island - The Kukutali Preserve
What makes Kiket Island so special is the fact that it has been protected for so long. These hikes are on the Kukutali Preserve and opened up to the public… Read More >>>>
Know Your Beer Farmer
Do you know your beer farmer? Skagit Valley does! Usually when imbibing your favorite craft beer, you are drinking a combination of 4 ingredients: water, malted barley, hops and yeast… Read More >>>>
Top Ten Things to do in the North Cascades
The North Cascades’ 13 million acre ecosystem includes 7 million acres of protected public lands on both sides of the border – and endless opportunities for recreation, exploration, naturalizing and… Read More >>>>
A Guide to Your Summer in Mount Vernon
When people think of Mount Vernon, most picture rows of colorful tulips at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, but what happens when the flowers disappear? Mount Vernon is blooming with… Read More >>>>
Is it a chipmunk or a squirrel?
When I was small and we would camp near Lake Chelan, my dad and I would challenge each other to be the first to spot the wildlife, and I would… Read More >>>>
Watchable Wildlife: Black Bear
Encountering a black bear in the wild is thrilling and crazy scary at the same time. Spring and fall are the best times to view these predators, and it is… Read More >>>>
The Cascade Loops Ultimate Aviation Experience
Location: Paine Field in Everett, WA Everett located just 30 miles north of downtown Seattle is the birthplace of the Boeing 747 and home to four world class aviation experiences. Over… Read More >>>>
Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival
Each year, Mukilteans give one last hurrah each September to the passing of summer with a huge community party that we lovingly call the Lighthouse Festival. Its grown over the… Read More >>>>
Snohomish River Valley
Everett, Mukilteo, Snohomish, Monroe The Cascade Loop begins in the bustling port city of Everett, located just 28 miles north of Seattle via I-5. Take a quick side trip to Spencer… Read More >>>>
Grouchy Chef
For Seinfeld fans, Mukilteo can provide a fond reminder of a minor, but memorable character. Do you recall the Soup Nazi? For those who missed the oddball, sometimes sophomoric sitcom that… Read More >>>>
Summer on Fidalgo Island
Summer is a popular time for guests to visit Anacortes we completely understand why! With our mild summer temperatures, lush forest lands to explore, and water that surrounds us on… Read More >>>>
Taking to the Skies Along the Cascade Loop
Aviation is a big deal in the Snohomish River Valley region of the Cascade Loop. But what I didn't realize is how catching the passion could be to engage in… Read More >>>>
Bird Watching on Fidalgo Island
Bald eagles, marsh wrens and oyster-catchers; these are just a few of the birds one can spot on Fidalgo Island. Whether you are visiting for the day or staying for… Read More >>>>
Surviving Days Off With Children
By Joni Kirk The holidays are upon us, and I don't simply mean the time between Christmas and New Years Day. Schools also close for extended breaks over the Martin Luther… Read More >>>>
Watchable Wildlife: Bald Eagles
Symbolized as the National bird of the United States in 1782, Bald Eagles are unique to North America and they can be found in abundance in many areas of the… Read More >>>>
Ten Treks To Take--Winter on the Cascade Loop
Looking for some fresh air, space to move freely and get that heart a pumpin'? Look no more! The Cascade Loop has all manner of outdoor activities to keep you… Read More >>>>
Traditions with Trees
By Joni Kirk There is something magical about making our way through the forest with snow or rain falling around us, side-stepping muddy paths, and warming chilled noses that motivates my… Read More >>>>
Preparing for the Holidays with Local Creative Inspiration
By Joni Kirk As the beautiful fall colors appear on trees, my internal holiday clock starts ticking. I know I have a limited amount of time to prepare gifts for loved… Read More >>>>
Pursuing Healthier Streams and Wetlands at Northwest Stream Center
In the Pacific Northwest, water is our lifeline. From the Cascade Mountains, hundreds of miles of glistening rivers and streams make their way to Puget Sound. Those waterways teem with… Read More >>>>
Pybus Market Voted Best Farmers Market in the Northwest in 2015 by Evening Magazine
Pybus Market has garnered a name for itself with some one-of-a-kind "events" such as our"bra chandelier" in October for breast cancer awareness month, our chess and lego tournaments or antique… Read More >>>>
Thats Right, its Movie Night!
Going to the movies these days is an exercise in high-tech CGI, 3D imaging techniques, wait staff for food and beverages, and large recliners to enhance the overall experience. Plush,… Read More >>>>
Stevens Pass Sidetrip: Osprey Park
A nature lovers playground complete with thousands of pink salmon fighting their way up the Sultan River to spawn. This park offers front row seats to this amazing struggle, which… Read More >>>>
Snohomish County Sidetrip: Spencer Island
Explore 3.6 miles of trails, a boardwalk and amazing bird watching! Spencer Island provides opportunities to encounter shorebirds, American Bitterns, Vireos and Warblers. From northbound I-5, take exit 195. Drive… Read More >>>>
Hike of the Month- Spider Meadows
For years I've read articles about Spider Meadows, but for one reason or another, just never made it that way. Well, happily that all changed this week. Me and a… Read More >>>>
Perfect Weekend in Anacortes
You'll pack more into your weekend getaway and keep the lid on your budget when your island destination is picturesque, fun, historic Anacortes on Fidalgo Island. The best-kept secrets often are… Read More >>>>
Sunday Afternoon Waterfall Adventures Along the Cascade Loop
August is typically a warm month in the Pacific Northwest. The rain disperses for weeks at a time, and people actively seek ways to cool off. Along the Cascade Loop,… Read More >>>>
Please--No More Abandoned Campfires
Over the 4th of July holiday weekend Forest Service firefighters extinguished abandoned campfires on most ranger districts of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Luckily, these fires were either still inside fire… Read More >>>>
Uncover Community Culture Along Highway 2
As you head down the west slope of the Cascade Mountains on Highway 2, imagine early settlers moving in the area. Towns in the Skykomish and Snohomish River valleys honor… Read More >>>>
Please Fully Put Out Your Campfires
Campfires are one of the pleasures of camping in the woods, but along with the cozy campfire is the responsibility to make sure it is COMPLETELY out before leaving the… Read More >>>>
Varoom... Driving Toward Summer
Car enthusiasts understand how amazing it is to belong to a car club. There is a common love of all things metal, leather and chrome. As a community you share… Read More >>>>
Spend Your Summer Vacation in Anacortes
Summer is a popular time for guests to visit Anacortes- we completely understand why! With our mild summer temperatures, lush forest lands to explore, and water that surrounds us on… Read More >>>>
Andy Porter Images North Cascades Photo Tours
Andy Porter Images North Cascades Photo Tours. If you're planning a visit to the North Cascades and you love photography you may want to consider a North Cascades Photo Tour! Andy Porter… Read More >>>>
Anacortes Waterfront Festival
The Anacortes Waterfront Festival is all about letting your inner sailor embrace life on the water. This annual Anacortes event has something for everyone: an open-air car show, food vendors,… Read More >>>>
Connect with Nature along the Red Rooster Route
To get away from city life on a weekend, my family indulges in road trips - known as "Mom's Adventures" - to explore new things. While we often think as… Read More >>>>
Set Your Senses Soaring with Upcoming Events at Paine Field
The Cascade Loop starts in Mukilteo, and there are some great upcoming events that help you encounter its amazing aviation attractions. I was able to experience some of these with… Read More >>>>
Food for Thought
Take it from a person who lived on an island in Alaska for 30 years; going to a bona fide Farmers Market is awesome! Don't misunderstand me, living in a… Read More >>>>
Family & Kid-friendly Fun Indoor Activities in Snohomish County
As the days grow shorter and temperatures become chillier, families can keep their kids entertained at some of Snohomish Countys top indoor attractions. Western Heritage Center, Monroe This agricultural, logging and mining… Read More >>>>
Eat Your Way Along the Loop: Tasty Finds in Snohomish County
As the holidays approach, everyone is looking for those unique gift items or special holiday treats! Snohomish County is home to many unique specialty food and drink establishments- and a… Read More >>>>
Thanks for a GREAT season everyone!
Skydive Chelan will re-open in March and by appointment Nov-Feb! Call to inquire about a Winter Wonderland Skydive! Look for us at the Pybus Market in Wenatchee or visit our… Read More >>>>
Follow Us On Instagram and Find Treasure!
The Cascade Loop wants to build an audience that uses Instagram, and we're gonna make it worth your while! Starting next week, expect to see us post images taken along… Read More >>>>
2016 Washington State Scenic Calendars
Even if you've traveled just a small part of the Cascade Loop there is no doubt that the magnificent scenery stayed with you, beckoning you to return. The mountains and valleys,… Read More >>>>
Pumpkin Patch Fun in Snohomish County
One of the most iconic fall activities is visiting the pumpkin patch -- picking out that perfect pumpkin, enjoying corn mazes, hay rides, apple cider and cute farm animals. Here… Read More >>>>
Leavenworth/Cascade Foothills
Leavenworth, Plain, Lake Wenatchee, CashmereThe Tumwater Canyon is the spectacular gateway to the renowned Bavarian Village of Leavenworth. The Wenatchee River hugs sheer canyon walls on one side, twisting through… Read More >>>>
Stevens Pass Greenway
Sultan, Gold Bar, Index, Skykomish, Stevens Pass Stevens Pass Greenway is a designated National Scenic Byway following the Great Northern Railway's, Iron Goat Trail and the thundering Skykomish and Wenatchee Rivers.… Read More >>>>
Experience Anacortes: Your Island Destination
Anacortes is the crown jewel of Fidalgo Island, easternmost of the San Juan Islands and jump-point to the rest of the world-renowned archipelago. Fidalgo, the drive-to island, is accessible by… Read More >>>>
5 Ways to Discover Lake Chelan
Lake Chelan is a Washington original destination. Only here will you find four seasons of wine, sun, stunning natural beauty and adventures that you can tune to your own tastes. 50.5… Read More >>>>
Deception Falls
You'd expect that even in the beauty-packed Cascade loop that you'd notice if you drove right over a six-story waterfall wouldn't you? But that's exactly what several thousand drivers do… Read More >>>>
Pete Freund Photography
Celebrate Pacific Northwest wildlife and landscapes along with local expert. Visit a complete gallery of current work on his Facebook page. CONTACT:    Read More >>>>
Langley's Seawall Park
Whidbey and Camano Islands have their own rhythm. There's the molten glow of glass being blown, bagels boiling, tractors and other farm equipment all over both islands, and a thousand… Read More >>>>
Wildlife Viewing: Bighorn Sheep
Just outside of Wenatchee we often encounter a herd of Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) who call the Swakane Wildlife Area home. Bighorn sheep get their name from the large, curved… Read More >>>>
Visit Anacortes, by the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce
Anacortes, on Fidalgo Island (the most accessible island in the San Juan archipelago), is 90 miles between Seattle and Vancouver BC, and is the destination point for the San Juan… Read More >>>>
Wenatchee/Columbia River Valley
Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Entiat  Following the Wenatchee River, orchards flank the riverbanks and deliver travelers to the "Apple Capital of the World", Wenatchee. Numerous family-owned fruit stands dot the highway selling… Read More >>>>
Lake Chelan Valley
Chelan, Manson, StehekinLake Chelan is home to four seasons of wine, sun, stunning natural beauty and adventure! The 50-mile-long lake slices northwestward into the Cascade Mountains. As you drive into town,… Read More >>>>
Methow Valley
Pateros, Carlton, Twisp, Winthrop, MazamaThe Cascade Loop follows the Columbia River to Pateros, then swings northwestward to the Methow River Valley. This is the eastern gateway to the North Cascades… Read More >>>>
North Cascades
Diablo, Newhalem, Marblemount, Rockport, Concrete The North Cascades highway (Highway 20) crosses Washington Pass at 5,477'and Rainy Pass at 4,860'. Pack a picnic and take any one of… Read More >>>>
Skagit Valley & Fidalgo Island
Sedro-Woolley, Burlington, Mount Vernon, La Conner, Edison, AnacortesAs it reaches toward the Salish Sea from the North Cascades, the Skagit River has deposited a vast triangle of flood plain soil… Read More >>>>
Whidbey Scenic Isle Way
Oak Harbor, Coupeville, Freeland, Langley, ClintonThe Whidbey Scenic Isle Way is the ninth and final region of the Cascade Loop, and is a state designated scenic byway in its own… Read More >>>>
Seattle-Gateway to the Cascade Loop!
Seattle is the Gateway to the Cascade Loop!The lion's share of Cascade Loop travelers start their journey by flying in to Sea-Tac International Airport, renting a vehicle and heading to… Read More >>>>