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Winthrop Washington Opens New Homestream Park

Winthrop WA | 10/16/2019 | Gardens & Outdoor Art, Methow Valley, State & Local Parks, The Great Outdoors

Right in the heart of the town of Winthrop, a piece of land has been dedicated to locals and visitors alike. Homestream Park is beautiful space full of gorgeous artwork by Native American sculptor Smoker Marchand depicting the original inhabitants of this special place we call the Methow Valley. 

If you take a stroll around the grounds, you’ll be able to walk or sit along the riverside as the water rushes under the bridge and beyond. You’ll get to follow a meandering path, much like a salmon, with nine large boulders along the way to symbolize the nine dams the salmon encounter on their own journey to the Methow Valley. 

The park was officially dedicated on Sunday October 13th with Native American storytelling, live music, food, and a great turnout by locals and visitors. We are all grateful to Phil Davis allowing this private land to be open to the public for all to enjoy! We hope you’ll be able to enjoy it soon. 

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