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Welcome Furry Friends!

There's no reason to leave your furry loved ones at home when road tripping on the Cascade Loop! Just spend a little extra time plotting your course! Nobody wants to be cooped up in a car for too long--no matter if you're the driver or the canine companion. The Cascade Loop offers a world of activities for both you and your traveling companion too! Get out and stretch your legs at designated Dog Parks, dog-friendly trails and destinations that just happen to cater to pets noted on the map below.  Check out this article from a gal who documented her latest pet friendly trek on the Cascade Loop:

Pet Friendly Traveling 101

  1. Plan your trip itinerary in advance ensuring that you and your pet have exercise and potty breaks about every two hours.
  2. Select pet-friendly accommodations and understand and comply with each property's policies. There is no surprise so unpleasant as to find that your baby will not be allowed in and trying to find a new place to stay on the fly--no fun at all!
  3. Pack the Must-Haves: Bottled water and enough food for the trip plus extra, feeding and watering bowl, treats, leash and collar/harness with identification tags (and perhaps an extra, just in case), pet cleaner and paper towels in case of potty accidents, waste bags, your pet's favorite blanket, toys and crate (if they are used to using one), your pet's medications (if needed) and a couple old towels to dry off your pet after swimming, muddy playing or simply yucky weather. Also be sure to have a current photo of your pet (we know you have a bunch on your phone!) just in case the unthinkable happens and you are separated during your outing. Bringing current medical records and immunizations is also a great contingency plan in case of emergency illness or injury.
  4. Take practice trips ahead of time so your pet is used to and comfortable traveling. If you find that they have motion sickness or anxiety, consult your veterinarian.
  5. Certain trails are pet-friendly but require a pet permit (Methow Trails for example) so please do your due diligence and have your pet permit ready if needed


Don't Even Think About...

  1. Leaving your pet in a hot vehicle!!!
  2. Sneaking your pet into non-pet-friendly lodgings or attractions.
  3. Taking your pet off-leash in leash-required areas.
  4. Leaving your pet's potty waste behind for others to step in--gross and rude!
  5. Taking your pet into areas and activities that are unsafe, uncomfortable, or scary to your pet.
  6. Encouraging your pet to go overboard or to hop into unknown moving bodies of water. 
  7. Pretending your pet is a service animal or an emotional support animal when they are not. 

National Parks, Forests, State Parks and Pets

The North Cascades National Park is one of the most popular destinations on the Cascade Loop but like many National Parks, there are limitations to our furry friends' access. Please be sure to respect the rules.

Dogs are permitted on U.S. Forest Service trails. There are several areas, however, where dogs are not permitted or must be on leash. These include the popular Enchantments area and Ingalls Lake Trail, where heavy hiker use and the fragile ecosystem mean dogs are not allowed.

Dogs also must always be on leash in the popular Alpine Lakes Wilderness area near Leavenworth. This includes most trails accessed from I-90 and on Highway 2 west of Stevens Pass. Leashes are also required on several popular trails in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.

Dogs are welcome at state parks but must always be on a leash. Dogs are not allowed at swimming beaches.

Trail Etiquette for Dogs on Trails

Pet-Friendly Lodging

Pet Friendly LodgingNot only is there exceptional lodging all the way around the Cascade Loop, there are many great places to stay with your canine traveling companions. Check out the map below along with the property listings that follow to find the accommodations that are right for your traveling party.

Methow Trails have designated dog-friendly trails for your snow-loving pooch!

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