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Varoom... Driving Toward Summer

| 06/20/2016 | Blog, Family Road Trip, Seattle Northcountry, Summer

Car enthusiasts understand how amazing it is to belong to a car club. There is a common love of all things metal, leather and chrome. As a community you share interests just the same way a book club or cooking club does. Petrolheads recognize that "interest" is really more of a passion, and socializing at Car Shows is a great way to show off your favorite toy, take a peek at the competition, and learn whats new and innovative in the car world.   

Car enthusiasts are diverse, coming from all walks of life, with varying levels of expertise. Their singular passion for cars however, be it a restored classic, or a brand new Spyder R8 brings competitors together in a way that few things can. People wonder why so much time and money are invested in an inanimate object and the simple answer might be, "it makes its owner happy". What its worth is less defined than the joy of caring for and owning something they're passionate about.   

On June 26, 10:00-3:00, if you are driving through Mukilteo consider stopping in to the Historic Flight Foundation. Varoom Mukilteo (an annual car show) will be open and FREE to attend. This popular, family-friendly event draws close to 1,500 attendees over a five-hour stretch. Guests can wander through lines of cars, vote for the Peoples Choice award, enjoy food and beverage choices during the lunch hour, listen to live music by The Charlies, shop at vendor booths, and then seek the shade of the museum for a short time (which will waive the entrance fee).   

What sets this show apart from other programs, is its locale. Set amidst an array of vintage aircraft ranging from a Waco UPF-7, a North American P-518 Mustang, Grumman F8F Bearcat and more, the Historic Flight Museum brings to life "history in aviation". There are fully restored aircraft ranging from 1927-1957, vintage aircraft accoutrements, and docents on-site to share valuable information about different facets of air history.   

For more information: 425-347-1456 or email:

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