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Chukar Partridge
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Bird of the Week: Chukar Partridge

Okanogan Country | 01/07/2019 | Blog, Methow Valley, The Great Outdoors, Wildlife Viewing

There are several different types of Partridges, including two types that are commonly found in North America today. 

That is the Grey Partridge and the Chukar Partridge.

According to WDFW an adult chukar features:

  • Blueish-gray on the back, wings, and breast.
  • A buff belly. 
  • Flanks marked with vertical bars of black and chestnut.
  • Black band extending from the eyes down the side of the head, neck, and upper breast.
  • White throat.
  • Red beak, legs, and feet.
  • Weights about 3/4 lb.
  • Measures 13-14 inches long.


The chukar is slightly larger than a valley quail and a little smaller than a ruffed grouse. Also known as red-legged partridge and rock partridge

The second nickname is inspired from the birds typical habitat which includes cliffs and canyon walls. 

They not only roost in steep, rocky areas, but feed on grains, seeds, forbs and grasses they find among and around the rock piles and cliffs. Tree roosting, especially fruit-tree roosting is not a common practice among the chukar partridge population today. 

SO - no partridge in a pear tree. Not biologically speaking at least!

For more information visit WDFW

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