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Make Memories While Vacationing In The Cascade Loop

Cassie Steele | 09/13/2018 | Accommodations, Bed & Breakfasts / Country Inns, Blog, Cabins, Camping & Glamping, Destinations, Dining & Wineries, Farm Stay, Hotels & Motels, Lake Chelan Valley, Large Group Venues, Leavenworth Cascade Foothills, Lodges & Resorts, Methow Valley, North Cascades, Pet Friendly, Restaurants, Seattle Northcountry, Skagit Valley & Fidalgo Island, Stevens Pass Greenway, Wenatchee Columbia River Valley, Whidbey Scenic Isle Way

A popular travel quote reads: “Take vacations. Go as many places as you can. You can always make money. You can’t always make memories.” Every year millions of visitors flock to the 440-mile long Cascade Loop in Washington looking for adventure or just an escape from their otherwise busy lives.  Although any trip to the Loop will undoubtedly provide young and old with ample memory-making opportunities, there are a few guidelines you can follow to ensure that you make the most of your Cascade Loop Vacation.

Eat the good food

When visiting a new destination for the first time, some travelers may be tempted to visit either the most luxurious restaurants they can find or, instead, stick to generic franchises.  One way to ensure that you make lasting memories on your Cascade Loop trip is to indulge in some of the delectable dishes on offer at the numerous locally-owned eateries along the way.  If you are craving a juicy, all-American burger or perhaps a helping of homemade buffalo chili, you need to look no further than the Buffalo Run Inn which is conveniently located at the Western entrance to the North Cascades National Park.  

You can have your cake and eat it

You can even find some wholesome gluten-free grub on the Cascade Loop at 5b’s Bakery, a family-run establishment that prides themselves on their freshly-baked bread, cakes, pies as well as an extensive breakfast and lunch menu. Depending on how long you are on The Loop, you can also visit other esteemed eateries such as Annie’s Pizza Station and the Mountain View Diner to spoil yourself and your traveling companions with food so good it will create memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

Sleep in a comfortable bed

If you want to enjoy a memorable vacation you have to ensure that you have a comfortable accommodation. The Cascade Loop offers visitors a large variety of accommodation ranging from luxury hotels and resorts such as the Campbells Resort to superb camping facilities and quaint yet comfortable cabins suitable for the whole family. If you are looking for a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, you should check in to A Riverside Retreat, a cozy cabin located on the Skykomish River that is fully equipped complete with a hot tub,free fast Wi-Fi connectivity, luxury beds and cable TV.  If you can’t bring yourself to leave your beloved family pet at home while you are vacationing, you will be glad to know that there are a number of pet-friendly establishment scattered along the Loop including Twisp River Suites, Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, the Freestone Inn and Stehekin Valley Ranch.

Engage in memorable activities

The value of your vacation does not depend on how many tourist attractions you can tick off your list or how many photos you can take and post to Facebook and Instagram.  The best memories are often created while you are simply present in the moment, enjoying the full significance of your surroundings. Thanks to the sheer diversity of the Cascade Loop, you will undoubtedly find yourself engaging in a number of memory-making activitiessuch as kayaking, fishing, taking a trip on a Washington State Ferry or hiking amidst the spectacular natural beauty of the Loop.  Even inclement weather shouldn’t prevent you from having a memorable visit as the Cascade Loop is home to countless shops, museums, markets, galleries and even a tribal casino.

There are few things in the world that can provide as much joy and happiness as a much-deserved vacation. Long after you have arrived back home, unpacked your bags and returned to your demanding job, the memories of the time spent on the Cascade Loop will continue to warm your heart and bring a smile to your face.

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