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Driving Distances

We recommend that folks travel the Cascade Loop counter-clockwise (or anticlockwise for our British friends) in order to obtain the best access to scenic views and overlooks. Below is a breakout of driving distances from city to city that you will encounter. Depending on how many miles you prefer to travel each day, this can also help guide you as to when and where you might like to book activities and lodgings.

Seattle to Mukilteo:  23 miles or 37 km

Mukilteo to Everett:  10 miles or 16 km

Everett to Sultan:  24 miles or 38.6 km

Sultan to Stevens Pass:  42 miles or 67.6 km

Stevens Pass to Leavenworth: 35 miles or 56.3 km

Leavenworth to Wenatchee:  23 miles or 37 km

Wenatchee to Chelan:  38 miles or 61.2 km

Chelan to Pateros:  19 miles or 30.6 km

Pateros to Winthrop:  42 miles or 67.6 km

Winthrop to Newhalem:  73 miles or 117.5 km

Newhalem to Burlington:  60 miles 96.6 km

Burlington to Anacortes: 17 miles or 27.4 km

Anacortes to Oak Harbor:  20 miles or 32 km

Oak Harbor to Langley:  36 miles or 58 km

Langley to Mukilteo: 12 miles or 19.3 km *ferry crossing