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Geocaching on the Loop

Willkommen Leavenworth sign

Thousands of locations on and near the Cascade Loop are hiding treasure in the form of Geocaches! Geocaching is kinda like a family-friendly treasure hunt, and if you pack along small trinkets with you, you can swap for trinkets left by others. Another fun aspect to Geocaching is Travel Bugs! You may find a cache with a tagged item, with a number to track where it has been, and you can move it along on it's travels! 

Some Travel Bugs (trackables) want you to see how far away it could go -- others may be a school project, trying to move it to as many locations around the state as possible over the year. It can be great fun to help move these trackables to their next adventure. 

HINT: There is a geocache hidden near this "Willkommen" sign entering Leavenworth!

Columbia Breaks Interpretive Trail and geocache site

There are a variety of types of Geocaches from large containers like ammo cans or plastic containers (snap-lock-type) to small magnets stuck to the back of a road sign. Hunting for geocaches can take you off the main trail into country you would never have explored. 

Geocaches are hidden in almost every country on Earth. There are over 3 million geocaches, and there is even a geocache on the International Space Station! If anyone gets to sign that log, please let us know!!

HINT: Stop at Columbia Breaks Interpretive Fire Center near Entiat, and find a Geocache near this path!

Welcome to Manson sign and Geocache

Manson GeoQuest

The Community of Manson on Lake Chelan has an eight-location GeoQuest! Learn more, plus download your GeoQuest Passport Here and start the hunt!** If you find all eight caches and complete your passport, you can win a trackable tag to hide in your favorite cache!  

** If you haven't already set up an account, you can create one for free at and you will be able to find caches all over the world!

Join the Geocache fun!

See a list of locations where we have found Geocaches on the Loop on our Geocaches Page -- and get instructions on how to get started hunting for treasure!