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Side Trip: La Conner

There’s a reason why La Conner is so often voted the most perfect Washington state weekend getaway destination and land on top of the romantic getaways Washington state lists. Plain and simple … not only is it beautiful, but this community is full of genuinely warm and friendly folks.

Located on the Salish Sea between Seattle and Vancouver BC –  La Conner is a combination of fishing village and artists’ colony that happens to also boast views of the water and Mount Baker. Shop eclectic boutiques, galleries, 3 museums and a wide variety of culinary experiences. March is a great time to explore and photograph fields of daffodils during the La Conner Daffodil Festival! Of course any time of year is a great time to visit La Conner from tulips to classic cars, “Brew on the Slough” and much more…

Take a Look at La Conner!
Boats in the Channel, Photo by David Bishop
Gifts of Spring: Migrating Birds of the Upper Skagit
Spring is a time of great change in the Pacific Northwest. The warmer weather and abundant daylight signals species from insects to plants and animals to emerge from Winter dormancy and become active again. For migrating birds, it is a signal to begin their annual pilgrimage up North and join our forest and mountain communities. Migration is an adaptation many birds have developed over millennia to survive as Fall and Winter bring harsh weather and minimal food resources in Northern territories. Many of our feathered friends travel from the Southwestern… Read More >>>>
Gifts of Spring: Flowering Plants of the Skagit Valley
The Environmental Learning Center is coming alive with young leaves and new growth. Brightly colored flowers add vibrancy to the already spectacular landscape of snow capped mountains and turquoise Diablo Lake. Here are a few of the first flowering plants that we see around campus and out on the trails! Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: Mt. Erie
Mt Erie is located in Anacortes. The summit rises more than 1,200 feet above the sea and is visible clear across the valley. Read More >>>>
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