Travel Advisories: Active Wildfires / COVID-19
PLEASE Recreate Responsibly!
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Recreate Responsibly

Before You Go

  1. Check to see what's open. We are HOPING for the May 5 opening, but should the state see a spike in COVID-19, closures may need to take place
  2. Pick day trips close to home. Many communities do not have overnight lodging open and camping is not allowed
  3. Travel with immediate household members only
  4. Be prepared-pack soap, hand sanitizer, mask, toilet paper etc., food, water and any other provisions you'll need during your outing
  5. If you aren't feeling well OR if you've been exposed to anyone who hasn't been feeling well--STAY HOME

Stay Healthy Outside

  1. Avoid crowds. If you can't maintain a minimum 6-foot of distance from others, move to plan B (and have a Plan B!)
  2. Always maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others not in your immediate household
  3. Where a mask or facial covering if you plan to be in areas occupied/visited by others
  4. Wash your hands regularly
  5. Pack out what you pack in