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Sprawled through a former dairy farm and lumber mill in the Stillaguamish Valley there lies a city that still holds its small town charm for over 100 years. Arlington treasures its past while looking towards the future. 

Arlington keeps the past alive with antique stores full of the area’s history. There is a museum called the Stillaguamish Valley Pioneer Museum that opens its doors to students and classrooms in the area to educate the history of the city and keep its traditions alive. The small town hosts many traditional events throughout the year bringing the community together and creating a Mayberry feel as if you just stepped onto the set of the Andy Griffith Show. The main street named Olympic Avenue is home to an annual car show, street fair and parades for Veterans Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. These events bring the community to a place where they can get to know each other and create a collaborative atmosphere. Other traditional events are Hometown Holidays and Fall Festivals that include carolers and costume contests that create a city celebration from young to old. 

The small town charm is shown in how Arlington greets its visitors. When a visitor comes into town they will be greeted by signs and smiling faces from any of our businesses on main street. If you sit at a booth in the Stilly Diner or pick a seat at the bar in the Bluebird Cafe or bowl at Rocket Alley you will feel like everyone knows your name and you feel part of our community. While you shop at the Hardware store or Action Sports to get school apparel you will find that we welcome our visitors with open arms and love to get to know you. 

As you can see, Arlington is a place where small town America still exists, but it also has advancements to help grow an industry in Aeronautics. The future of Arlington looks to integrate history into new industries for the future. Arlington has a municipal airport that was used in World War II and now creates a playground for young engineers, aerospace and builders to build new airplane parts for Boeing and experiment with students from Everett Community College to advance a new industry. It also is the home to the second largest Fly-In in America that hosts a carnival and multiple air shows.

Throughout the Stilly Valley and the City of Arlington you will find that we love to keep our history alive, but that we also like to progress and do so with everyone in mind from our citizens to our visitors. Come to Arlington and treasure our history and see our future advancements. 

For more information about the Arlington area visit www.arlingtonwa.gov; www.arlingtonwa.org and www.stillyvalleychamber.com.

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