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While some Cascade Loop travelers relish the thought of well-appointed rooms, luxurious towels and in-room spa services, others prefer to sleep under the stars. Some campers want to see those stars directly overhead from the heart of Cascade backcountry, while others seek a more glamorous shelter from beneath the protection of their elegant glamping tent, or perhaps a more rustic tent in a State Park. And many like to grab that view by simply stepping outside from their RV, retro camper or even a tipi located a little closer to town. Whatever your style, the Cascade Loop has a plan for you. Click Here for specific information about RV camping along the Loop.

Camping and Glamping (image below depicts glamping at Willowbrook Manor--yowza!) can be a great way to experience the Cascade Loop. Fresh air and views are abundant along your journey. How much you ‘rough it’ is directly dependent upon how much planning and prepping you do, and what kind of camping or glamping you want to do.  

Camping Ideas
Snohomish River Valley Camping
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Whidbey Island Camping
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Skagit Valley/Fidalgo Island Camping
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North Cascades National Park Camping
Photo by Andy Porter
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Methow Valley Camping
Photo by Erin Nash
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Lake Chelan Valley Camping
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Wenatchee/Columbia River Valley Camping
Photo by Oly MIngo
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Leavenworth/Cascade Foothills Camping
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Stevens Pass Greenway Camping
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Wilderness Areas
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Tea and Tour
Welcome to the Flower Garden
The English Flower garden at Willowbrook Manor is a beautiful place to enjoy a quiet summer afternoon. When we purchased the property back in 1996 it was just a cow pasture. I envisioned a secluded flower garden to compliment the planned vegetable garden and berry patches. So I rented a sod cutter to remove the grass for the vegetable garden.  That sod was used to create the elevation for the flower garden. I designed it to have three paths leading into a center oval courtyard, with a perimeter path surrounding the garden.… Read More >>>>
Stories From Willowbrook Manor: The Legend of Chango
In a corner of the East Lawn at Willowbrook Manor is a large rock. It is the grave marker for the place I buried a most faithful dog and companion. Chango came to me as a rescue Great Dane. Read More >>>>
North Cascades Photography: Introductions
Each week we will visit some place in the North Cascades. The best camp sites; day hikes and overnight trips; lookout towers, the best locations for sunrises, sunsets and night sky imaging. Whether you're into a weeklong trip, or the best place for a drive-in view, I will cover the best times to go and How To Tips ranging from How to set exposure for a shot of the Milky Way and Where to see Mountain Goats? Read More >>>>
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