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Bighorn rams in winter - Freund's Photography
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Bighorn Sheep


Bighorn sheep are no fools--they keep themselves as safe as possible high atop steep, rocky areas to avoid predators. Look for them in dray, open cliffy areas where they can also forage for grasses and shrubs. Most of the year male bighorns--rams--travel and assemble in scattered bachelor herds apart from females and youngsters. Rams establish dominance by charging other rams head-to-head. Size of horns is another way dominance is determined. Rams can weigh in over 300 pounds and their horns can weigh up to 30 pounds!

Looking for Bighorns

Traveling from Wenatchee toward Chelan, Bighorn Sheep are often seen on the cliffs, lower and closer to the roadway and at times, IN the roadway. Be very watchful as you pass through this part of the Cascade Loop. If you're planning to take some side trips, the Okanogan Highlands are home to Bighorns as well. Where to Find Bighorn SheepMore information on Bighorn locations

Signs of Bighorns

Sources: Washington Geospatial Open Data Portal, Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest, Conservation Northwest

Bighorn rams during rutting season (Freund's Photography)

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