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Beach Combing at Sunset
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Summer is peak season on the Cascade Loop and for good reason! Imagine picnicking under bluebird skies with warm weather, westerly breezes, a bottle of local vino and a feast of locally-sourced produce and seasonal goodies all under the shade of towering evergreens and leafy green hardwoods. It wouldn't even be that strange to have a deer wander by, depending on your location. This idyllic time of year is when most folks hit the Loop so be sure to make reservations for your stay! There's nothing quite like camping on the Loop... particularly when you truly had no plan to camp at all ;) We can't stress enough - plan ahead and reserve your accommodations. There are a LOT to choose from all the way around the Loop, but during high season, particularly when festivals are going on, you don't want to be left in the lurch.

Lakes warm up this time of year and rivers get lower as mountain snow melt slows and stops. Either take a dip in a lake, river or stream (or perhaps a water park) or simply head to higher elevations to keep cool--parts of the Loop will get downright roasty-toasty during Summer! 

Images of Summer on the Loop

Boating on Lake Chelan