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What is TREAD Map?

TREAD Map is a smart phone app that connects all outdoor enthusiasts through real-time interaction between land managers, user groups, and local businesses. It is free to all users and always will be, thanks to ongoing support from the State of Washington Tourism. This community-powered platform equips users to recreate respectfully - and spend their dollars on main street - through locally informed messaging and destination management. At its core, TREAD Map is a service that strengthens communities and generates more possibilities for sustainable recreation and economic development. It is the only app in circulation with a triple bottom line approach of people, planet, and profits returned to the community.

What makes TREAD Map different from other trail apps?

  • The app is entirely free
  • TREAD Map supports all forms of outdoor recreation: motorsports, horseback riding, hiking, water sports, biking and more
  • Instead of promoting the same popular trails over and over, and potentially contributing to problems caused by overcrowding, the app helps inform recreationists of over-loved areas and suggests appropriate alternatives. Local experts, non-profit groups, and land managers work with TREAD Map to identify overcrowded areas and the nearby adventures that would be a great backup plan
  • TREAD Map invites and trains experts and land managers to help improve the map data, communicate directly with app users, and help create a dynamic multimedia source for all outdoor recreation updates in the State of Washington
  • TREAD Map created a trail and trailhead sponsorship platform that helps groups donate money directly to trail improvement projects around the state

It doesn’t look like there is complete information for every trail and trailhead in the app, why?

The more partners and app users who contribute to the app, the stronger the app becomes as a resource for visitors and locals recreating in Washington’s outdoors. Think of TREAD Map as an ongoing project rather than a static resource. The goal of TREAD Map is to continually improve the information displayed for every location in the app. Land managers and experts own the map data and they can contribute and edit information in order to keep it relevant and current. The State of Washington has an extensive system of trails, waterways, and other outdoor recreation areas. It will be a continual community effort to make sure the map data is entirely accurate and up-to-date.